These entrepreneurs failed before succeeding

These entrepreneurs failed before succeeding

Innovative ideas. Planning completed. Investment in the right place. Success. Oops, success? Not yet. In business and life in general, the first attempt doesn’t always work. It is common to see stories of entrepreneurs who failed before succeeding.

That’s why Finance One has brought you examples. Please get to know some of them and use them as an incentive not to give up!

Whether known worldwide or not, there are countless stories of entrepreneurs who had to fight hard to make their dreams come true.

From the vegetable seller to the world’s highest-yielding company owner, everyone has given up something and continues to make sacrifices daily.

Being an entrepreneur is not simple. You have to have planning, determination, and above all, dedication to face the most significant difficulties. The following names have achieved this. Check out the TOP 5!

Steve Jobs

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder, about the trajectory. The little apple was and still is so successful that it’s hard to believe that everything went wrong many times.

Until he managed to make Apple what it is today, Jobs ran into numerous problems. He was even fired from his own company because of his relationship with employees.

Steve Jobs was even fired from his own company because of his relationship with employees

After finding himself in a turbulent period, he dared to start again by buying Lucasfilm. After that, it closed a partnership with Disney and created Pixar! One of the largest computer graphics studios, creator of the films Toy Story and Monstrous SA.

Returning to Apple, Jobs revolutionized the iPhone, iPad, iMac, and many other electronic devices.

Silvio Santos

With unparalleled charisma, Silvio Santos was a street vendor and became one of the most outstanding personalities in Brazil. The entrepreneur sold pens, capes, served in the army, and was even an animator.

When he suffered an accident while working on the boat, where he organized bingos and sold drinks to passengers, Silvio was invited to São Paulo and worked with circus shows.

At the same time, he met Manoel da Nóbrega, who was not managing to manage Bua da Felicidade well. Silvio helped him, and not only that: he lifted the brand and took control. From there, he became a successful entrepreneur known for his persistence and confidence.

Find out which entrepreneurs failed before success

Walt Disney

A list of entrepreneurs who failed without Walt Disney would not be complete. His first animation company went bankrupt because he couldn’t meet deadlines: perfectionism got in the way.

Owing to a fortune to his creditors, he decided to go to Hollywood. It was there that Mickey Mouse appeared, a character that brought him out of his misery. Even though he was discouraged dozens of times, he didn’t give up and tried until he built an empire.

JK Rowling

Writing is an undertaking. Unemployed and a single mother, Joanne Rowling began writing Harry Potter to pass the time while dealing with financial and emotional problems. The hobby became an enterprise when he decided to offer his first book to publishers.

Rowling read an excerpt from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to the White House in 2010.

There were eight publishers, and they said no until Rowling got approval from Bloomsbury Press in 1997. As a result, the Little Wizard series has taken over the world and translated into more than 60 languages.

Rowling is the most influential woman in the UK and one of the richest in the world.

Bill Gates: first failure before success

Bill Gates has an unusual background: after leaving Harvard University, he started a business with his colleague Paul Allen, but it was unsuccessful. Finally, Bill Gates raised his head and was thoughtful and persevering. Today he built an empire: Microsoft.

“Success is a lousy teacher. It makes smart people think they can’t lose.”

Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates

He has been one of the richest men in the world since 1996. In 2021, Forbes magazine ranked Gates 4th fortune 124 billion. Since October 2007, Bill Gates has dedicated himself to his Bill-and-Melinda-Gates Foundation.


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