What made these successful young digital entrepreneurs will inspire you

What made these successful young digital entrepreneurs will inspire you
What made these successful young digital entrepreneurs will inspire you

The number of young entrepreneurs continues to grow. Meet five young people who have turned their skills into profitable businesses.

1. Maïder Tomasena

Maïder worked as an event manager at a company but realized that his ideas always ended up in the drawer because he didn’t know how to express himself well with words.

So she created a blog and started writing, developing a huge passion for writing and copywriting.

Today she specializes in creating strategic content and, in addition to working with large companies, she also helps people on the Internet by teaching everything she knows.

Visit her website here: Maïder Tomasena | Aprende Copywriting Online

2. Javi Pastor

Javi Pastor is the director of Big Bang Conversion and the so-called “man in the shadows.”

He’s worked on several of the most prominent Spanish digital product launches.

In 2019 he launched an agency (Big Bang Agency) and the only school (Big Bang Conversion) that trains in writing and launches.

One year after, he generated more than 3M euros in sales of training programs through his training department.

3. Cris Urzua

Cris Urzua is a Mexican who teaches people how to sell more and be the best version of themselves.

The young entrepreneur left his comfort zone and created his own business, although he was already very successful in his career and working in a beautiful resort on the seafront.

Today it already has over 18 people and is expanding its business to other countries worldwide.

4. Laura LOPEZ

Laura LOPEZ is a Spanish woman who has always been passionate about the creative world, such as graphic design and marketing.

However, she realized that working formally for other companies would not give her the financial independence she wanted, so she decided to freelance.

This experience was very challenging and made her realize what problems these professionals face and how to solve them.

That’s why she created Imperia Freelance, which teaches how to charge the right price and choose the ideal clients.

All of them, they decided to stop their careers and start working in their own business

Advantages of being an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship means not having bosses and enjoying greater freedom; when you are the entrepreneur, you decide what to do, how, and where.

Managing your own time and not having a schedule Monday through Friday sounds perfect, but beware. This carries a big responsibility.

You are solely responsible for your success!

Work whith what you want

One of the most significant advantages of being a young entrepreneur is that you have the opportunity to choose to work with what you want.

Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life


When you are an entrepreneur, you can have the job of your dreams, something you can’t get out of your head and like to do. This is a tremendous advantage because those who work on what they like do with more motivation.

Generate more income

Starting a new business can be financially tricky at first. However, having your own business allows you to generate more income compared to working for someone else.

Meet new people

This is one of the significant advantages of entrepreneurship. Because to maintain your business and make it a success, you will get along with new people you never imagined meeting.

More personal satisfaction

Simply, when a young person decides to be an entrepreneur. He starts working for his success, not others.

Also, when you’re an entrepreneur and you start to be successful. There comes a time when money is no longer critical, and personal satisfaction starts to motivate you.

Creating something new that can help and make other people happy. Working on it and seeing it evolve is the best reward you can receive as an entrepreneur.

Feeling that all your sacrifice and work will be recognized is worth it.


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