7 actions to increase your motivation at work

7 actions to increase your motivation at work
7 actions to increase your motivation at work

Maybe you are a person who loves what you do. It may be that you don’t feel fully fulfilled professionally or aren’t exactly having a romance with your chosen profession.

The fact is if even those passionate about work sometimes feel unmotivated (perhaps because of the lack of challenges). What about those who work only because of the need to pay their bills?

If you feel that staying motivated at work is difficult. W’ve listed in this article some strategies to help you get the energy you need.

The importance of motivation

Without motivation in life, it isn’t easy to strive for success and achieve inner happiness. For example, how can you get a certification if you are not motivated to devote study hours? How will you be able to have the energy to work with low motivation?

In addition to well-being at the end of the day, maintaining motivation at work is important for overall performance and productivity. So, check out 7 actions you can take to become a more motivated person.

1. Set goals

When we have goals to achieve, it’s easier to stay focused and ensure motivation in the work environment. Here we talk about two types of goals:

  • Those defined by your manager, which are the activities you need to deliver.
  • Those defined by you that are, personal goals.

The first ones are fixed by your manager. But the second ones are personal goals, and you need to analyze what you want to achieve. It could be learning a new skill relevant to your job or something that doesn’t necessarily have to do with what you’re doing today but that you want to achieve in the future.

2. Complete something every day

To-do lists help professionals stay focused and motivated. However, there is nothing more demotivating than seeing the to-do list grow and nothing being finalized.

To reverse the situation, try to select at least one thing to finish each day. When carrying out the activity in question, focus only on it until its completion.

Once it’s completed, go to your list and cross off the completed task. You’ll find that a sense of accomplishment will help keep you motivated at work.

3. Silence notifications

You can adopt all strategies for motivation at work. However, if an email notification pops up on your screen while you’re in the middle of an activity. Everything you’ve done to keep yourself motivated may not have been of any use, especially if the subject isn’t enjoyable.

“it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to the task.”

According to a University of California Irvine study

Even if you don’t look at the notifications, being anxious to see them can hinder your motivation. So stop deactivate all notification.

4. Sleep well and eat healthy

A bad night’s sleep will be synonymous with a lack of energy the next day. And we don’t even need to say how difficult it will be to keep motivated at work. do we?

Studies show that sleeping between 6 to 8 hours is ideal for health. There are some strategies you can adopt to get a good night’s sleep and end sleepless nights.

Don’t start the first meal of your day with something that negatively impacts your body and mood afterwards. A poor diet can lead to high blood pressure and cholesterol. Cutting off the blood supply to the brain.

To stay motivated and not experience discomfort at work. Always opt for lighter food for breakfast and lunch. The same goes for dinner, as heavy foods interfere with sleep.

5. Take breaks

Nobody can concentrate for hours without stopping. To keep your work motivated (and focused). Take a moment to get up, do some stretching, or walk. Even if it’s just to get a cup of coffee or water.

People often neglect these short breaks and continue to work continuously. If you really want to stay motivated in the workplace. Keep in mind that you’ll need these short breaks. The breaks help to increase productivity.

6. Ask for feedback

Many professionals could be afraid to ask for feedback. Because they are fear to hear criticism regarding their work. However, feedbacks can be extremely motivating and provide some psychological security.

  • When positive, they serve as an impulse to maintain motivation at work.
  • when negative, they can serve as constructive criticism to improve yourself.

The mistake is part of success and can be turned into a challenge. Especially if you tell yourself you won’t do it again. The desire to “be better” is one more reason to stay motivated to improve.

7. Dont’t let your career stagnate

If you feel bored or feel that your job is not challenging, learn new skills to update your knowledge. This will help keep you motivated at work and interested in what you are doing.

Even if your company or role does not require new knowledge. Eeverything you learn is beneficial if you decide to look for a new opportunity. Not to mention that whenever we learn something new, we become much more personally fulfilled.

Hope this article will help you keep motivation at work.

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